Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"She's Crafty"

Name the song- I dare you.

So, this post is about me. Might not seem like it, but it is. I finally got my sewing machine and thus got around to some crafting. First thing on my list: Olivia's towel. I've made them for all my babies and consider them keepsakes. We have some that Micah used as a little guy, and I like the idea of these towels getting used by grand babies someday (in a very very very long time). Anywho, it's a fun quick project. It feels good to see something that I made. I guess I made the kids so the blog is always about me, but you know what I mean.  

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Try and Keep Up

I feel like there are a million things happening every second, it's hard to keep up, but I'll try.
* Taj graduated from preschool. Again. 
He absolutely loved being a part of Sunshine Preschool again and asks if he can go everyday. We are so grateful to the gifted Lori, a.k.a. Mrs. Waddel. She has a gift. I feel lucky she's been a part of Taj's life.

* We made Silly Puddy (rad stuff- let me know and I'll pass the recipe along). I left the kids to play while feeding Olivia. Lesson learned. It did come out after a lot of soap and scrubbing. 

 This little peach is all sunshine. Seriously. Sweetness. She's walking tons. I teared up when she wiggled off my lap after nursing and walked herself out of the room. All by herself. I'm so proud, and a little sad too. She's proud and excited, which makes me happy.
Eden is a ray of sunshine too. She and Taj have become the best of friends. They can play and play and get really wild. It's a new side of them, which is fun to watch develop. It's good. Until it's bad. They can't just do anything- everything is a game. And they get loud. But they help each other a lot. Help each other remember rules. Help come up with game ideas. Help each other do whatever it is they were asked to do. It's pretty sweet.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stormy Sunday

On our way to the park we noticed a storm was brewing.

Taj saw the lightning and wanted to turn back. He was scared because his bike was made of metal and he thought he would get electicuted. Sweet kiddo. I explained that he'd be ok and we went around the corner for a little fun.

I know these pictures aren't the best, but I'm never documented with my kids, so I like them. Thanks Jen.

As the storm got closer and we could hear the thunder Taj came to tell me it was time to go.
 I shouldn't smile when my Taj is so nervous about the storm, but I can't help but love the brief moments when he wants his Mommy and some comfort.

*Livi was chewing her thumb the whole time- her top teeth are starting to peak through and she's feeling it!
*By the look of these pictures, I'm getting real wrinkles. I'm almost looking my age (I'll be 31 in a couple weeks)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Farm Day

It's been rainy and in the 40's for a few days, so this post is to remind myself that it CAN be nice out in Utah, and we WILL eventually leave the house.

We have a history of amazing neighbors. Our newest host a Farm Day for a couple of local schools and we got the invite. It was super fun. Livi is an animal lover so that morning was full of squeels and smiles. I might have to get me a goat.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

On Homes, past and present

The papers have been signed. The money exchanged. The keys turned over. The Mulberry House is no longer ours.
When we bought this house Taj was barely walking. Now, with our third child barely walking we are saying goodbye to this chapter in our Smith Family life. I honestly thought it would be harder to say goodbye. When we moved back to Hawaii last October we knew it was time for us. When we came back to Utah 6 months later and saw the house I didn't feel the connection at all. This is no longer our home.
This is our new house. Well, the basement is. For the summer months. It's beautiful and we've been loving the water views. Moving is for the birds, so we found a lot of comfort in knowing this is where we'll be every summer for a long LONG time. With all our stuff moved in it's really feeling like home.

It's kind of crazy, this back and forth thing. We are realizing that this place isn't just a summer vacation, but a summer home. Taj has been embraced by his old preschool teacher, inviting him back for the remainder of the year. He's had play dates. We've gone to some of our favorite parks. We've hung out with some of our favorite people in the world (Nana, Pop Pop, Uncle Jen, Gama Letta, Kali, Burgesses, Pattersons, Fazulyanovs). We truly feel like we have two homes.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mothers Day To Me!

This was a little Mother's day treat: while conference calling Micah's brother, Elder Gabriel Smith in Brazil, Olivia had the need to walk and laugh. It was adorable. She walks all day long. On furniture when my hands aren't free, but mostly just with me. I treasure it. I won't even think of her walking on her own- my hands will miss hers. She's only 9 months! Ack!

Something about Mothers Day makes me evaluate my Mothering, and leaves me feeling plain old inadequate. I put that aside and remind myself that I'm doing the best I know how to. Leaving it at that I truly feel blessed to be the mother of these little people. They make my life beautiful.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Get Yur Hair Did!

Isn't she darling? I think the pictures tell the story best.
My Sis is in hair school so Eden and I have been planning on getting our hair cut by her when we got here to Utah. This was Eden's first haircut and she loved it. She was fed Oreos, and was totally fussed over the whole time. She went with just a trim, and I am very grateful. for a minute there she was planning on Nana's haircut- which is cute on Nana, but would probably look like Olivia's hair on Eden. She was super excited about getting it curled too- I guess I kind of dropped the ball on the whole curling and styling thing.
As for my (much needed) haircut, I just went for a trim too. I know, what a whimp! In my defense, a trim meant about 6 inches, and it's just bellow my boobs. This is almost short for me. I'm loving it! No more tired neck when it's wet. No more scalp pain from it pulling when it's been up all day. Oh, and I just got here. Things might get crazy now that my sister is a trained hairstylist. Oh, and is it just my husband, or do all boys prefer long hair?

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm having a hard time believing that it was less than a week ago that we were playing in the sun and water and sweating. My heart aches a little. My feet ache a lot- it's been a while since these puppies have had shoes on them.
It's been freezing since we got here, and finally gave us some snow to show for it. The kids had fun playing in it and eating it. I forgot how much work it is to get everyone dressed warmly to go out, even if it is just to the car, then indoors again. We haven't gone out much. Thank heavens for Nana, fireplaces, hot chocolate, and warm new houses with big windows that let sunshine in, even if it's still cold. We're trying to stay positive because now that it's May it's sure to get warm-ish. I hope.


 We have an Easter tradition of over doing it a little. This year we started weeks in advance with a couple sweet Easter packages. A few days before the real Easter we stocked up on candy and dyed eggs. On Saturday we went to the Turtle Bay condo Easter party. Then came the real Easter, which meant MORE candy, hunting, and a feast. It's safe to say that Easter ham and candy feuled Micah and I as we crazily packed and got the condo to leave for three months. Ugh. Easter was great, as usual.