Monday, June 28, 2010


Micah just played in the Utah Summer Games in Cedar City. We knew he'd be playing a lot, but still wanted to go and watch and cheer, "Go Daddy". We stayed in St. George. The drive wasn't too bad. The kids loved watching movies in the car. Watching an entire movie and watching anything in the car are both huge novelties for them. It was funny how the mini trip shifted from cheer for Dad to Bunk Beds and Pool!
They loved the time with Dad, but the highlight of the trip was the bunk bed. They couldn't get enough.
We loved the pool. There was an indoor and outdoor pool. While in Utah there are tons of pools to play at, they're all pretty wild with kids and squirting things all over. A little goes a long way. These pools were perfect for us.
Taj still knows how to swim. He loved swimming down deep for his toypedo's.
Sorry we only made it to half of one of your games Daddy. You did great.

*Eden had a band aid on "to be silly." Taj has a scabby nose though- not silly. He was skateboarding down a hill last sunday. Changed positions to laying on his belly. A bump stopped the board and he kept going. Skinned him good. Thank goodness he heals like Wolverine.

Sweet little houseguests

After the last snow we discovered a momma bird had nested by our front porch. A couple weeks later the baby birds appeared. They've been so fun and sweet to watch, until a few days ago when the babies were taking flight for the first time. I guess something about them being out of the nest made the Mom extra protective. She came at a friend of ours chirping and basically creating a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's' "Birds". Now we're left with a cute nest and a bunch of poop to clean up. Isn't that a perfect summary of guests? Ha ha.

Monday, June 7, 2010

No rest for the weary

Ready for the cram session to get a little caught up? Since we've been back to Utah we've kept very VERY busy. We got right to some gardening and then:Not even 4 days later it snowed. It only killed one of my precious cucumbers, but snow in May? Yuck.
Eden has done a bang up job of growing up. She took right to "the potty train". I know I'm jinxing myself, but we're going on 5 days with NO accident! Yahoo! My bag feels lighter and I don't have to think about diapers for a couple months!
She also decided to peddle on her bike (looking almost clownish, but in the cutest way ever).Taj officially graduated from preschool. It was a fun celebration that has left me proud and wondering what to do about next year. We're planning on signing up for "Little Scholars" that starts reading and math and other Kindergarten basics. Hopefully we'll sell the house and be in Hawaii for next year. Yup. We're fixin to sell the place. We love the house and family close by but that's not cutting it. We feel the need to get back to Hawaii. Getting the house ready is exhausting- especially with a baby on the way and an absentee husband. He's working like mad during the busy season. Thanks Micah.
We're loving the new pet. Nana just got a beautiful horse, Flash. The kids are loving the rides and visits. He's great.

That pretty much sums up what I've neglected to blog about. I could mention the varicose veins showing up, Taj being a social butterfly, the anxiousness I'm feeling while getting ready for our 3rd baby and all that her arrival will teach us, I turned 30 and had the best birthday/weekend I've had in a long time, had a garage sale... but for now, this should do it.