Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I can't get over it

When I find a minute to blog I like to go through pictures I've taken recently. Last night I couldn't believe the pictures I was looking at. Is this really my life? We live in a postcard. I can't get over it.

*Taj and Micah found a little surf spot we call "Taj's Rights".

We love living so close to the hotel and using their hammock (and other things too).

Friday, December 17, 2010

Forever, no matter what.

I found out today that my little Eden likes "soft tickles". She let me cuddle her and softly rub her with my fingertips. She hasn't allowed a Mommy cuddle in WAY too long. Dad gets them, but for some reason she just wants to squeeze my lips, stretch my cheeks, cover my eyes, wipe off my kisses, and basically abuse me. The cuddle was amazing. Especially because we are in what I refer to secretly as the horrible threes. Ugh. The roller coaster of demands and emotions is amazing. Thank goodness Taj prepared us for this. We know it's a phase and are able to stay calm about it and not take it personally. Even though I know that she's three and can't help it if it makes her lose it if Taj gets a blue bowl-it gets old really quickly.
Three is also a very tender and sweet age. At times. When she allows it. She will want to wrestle while insisting she has her hair long like a Princess. She will talk about Star Wars with Taj while putting on lip gloss. She'll say she loves me for no reason at all. She'll say thank you unsolicited and in the cutest, sweetest voice you ever heard. She tells you that you make the best cookies ever and you feel like it might be true. She tells Olivia that she loves her forever, no matter what. I think she got that from when we went through the temple open house. I love my little miss Eden. I learn from her and with her everyday.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

You Did What?

We are about 98% sure we left all our Christmas decorations in Utah. Olivia is shocked too (picture to prove it). Of coarse we didn't notice until a few days ago when we started to feel a little Grinchy about having nothing Christmas-y in our house except the little fake Christmas tree the nice tenant of Condo 45 gave us. We went shopping today to get a little more festive.

Instead of being sad and remembering the few Christmas items I grew attached to I went in search of some inspiration (thanks Etsy). I wanna make these:
Definitely want this. Might take a few years to build up my green sea glass collection though.
How sweet is this. I'm sure the ones I make will need an explanation of what they are.

Any who, this year I am really going to try hard not to stress about what we have or don't have. We have been blessed beyond measure this year and are excited to share this first Christmas with Olivia.

*St. Nicholas Day is on Monday the 6th! Anyone else leave out a shoe for this?