Saturday, January 31, 2009

5 Days Later....

Micah got commissioned by my sister (an interior designer) to paint a mural for one of her clients. He started Monday and by lunch time on Friday we had this to show for it:
Pictures are never as good as seeing it in person, but WOW! I can't even wrap my mind around working on a project like this for five days. Where does one even start? I've really got to think of ways to use Micah's talent.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inaugural Memories

I was very moved by the inauguration of President Obama. I didn't really expect to get into the election at all. This is the first inauguration I can remember watching and truth be told I even got teary eyed. I've never felt such pride and hope for our country. Micah says it's because I grew up in Hawaii where the only pride that's acceptable is Hawaiian Pride. Could have something to do with it, but either way I was bursting.

Later while the kids were napping and doing quiet time I turned on the boob tube for a little more of that inauguration high. The parade was starting and Pres. Obama threw a Shaka at the marching band from Punahou High School. The emotions came again. I'm a bit of an emotional eater I guess cuz I decided I needed some Inaugural cookies and went for these 7 layer cookies I had made the day before.They were pretty stuck to the pan so this is the knife I used to cut them and get the cookies out with.
The knife slipped up and 14 stitches later, I was back home recovering while watching the inaugural balls. The knife went in the bottom of my left pointer finger and out the top. Yuck.

I refuse to show you the stitches, sick-o's, but I will tell you how very lucky and grateful I am that 1. I still have my pointer finger. 2. The kids were not around until I was on my way to the doctors. 3. I somehow didn't sever any nerves or bone. 4. Nana and my brother in law Gabe came at the drop of a hat. All I had to say was that I cut my finger and needed to go to the hospital. They came right over. Nana took the kids and Gabe drove me. I thought I was being pretty tough but I guess I was pretty obviously in shock. "What would you do in a situation like that?" I laughed my way through the shots and stitches, mostly at myself. I feel like such a dumby. It doesn't hurt now, but is a very annoying reminder of what an idiot I can be. I think Gabe called it a, "fat kid move".

There you have it. A very memorable Inauguration. Welcome President Obama.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Water = Fun

The weather here last Saturday may have been partially cloudy with a high of 32 degrees, but in the Lehi Legacy Center it's always a nice 85 degrees with a high chance of FUN! (ha ha)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the bottom of the sea...

We LOVE the aquarium! It's a magical (and small) world away from our own. The kids touched, ran, pointed, jumped, oohed, awed, and I did the same thing.

I can't wait to take the kids to Sea Life Park.... they will want to live there forever. There's a kids music group called "Ralph's World" with a song called, "In the bottom of the sea." It's a family favorite- really not just for kids. Tried to find a link, but just because I couldn't find it doesn't mean you shouldn't try. You and your kids will love it. Car rides will be so much better with "Ralph's World"- promise!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sleep and Food

Sleep and food are two of my favorite things. In the winter I definitely spend more time thinking about both of them. I think about sleep because it's dark until at least eight in the morning, so I feel way way worse when the ol' rooster (Taj) starts crowing. It got really bad after the last daylight saving, which I hate. He started getting up at five, then up several times in the night to ask if it was morning yet since he knew it would be dark until way later. Ugh. This fun development turned into a horrible going to bed routine of him getting up sometimes twenty times before the final sleep. Grabbing at our last straws, Micah and I decided that if we pulled out the nap and turned it into quiet time he'd be so tired that he might actually go to bed and actually stay in bed. The good news is it worked. Taj is sleeping from eight until seven-YAHOO! The bad news is that "quiet time" isn't usually so quiet. He sings really loudly and jumps all over his room, and who knows what else he does in there, but it is in his room...away from us, and he seems to like it :). I knew the day would come, just not so soon.
Being stuck indoors more this time of year has me close to obsessed with food. I'm cooking a lot more, which is a plus. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes...send along any of your favorites please, I've got several months of cooking ahead. The winter layer is coming along nicely thanks to this. Oh well. Here's a tasty one I tried last night. It's a Brazilian style chicken with a mango salsa. So good. I'll post the recipe someday (supposed to be a thirty minute recipe, but that's obviously referring to a cook without two little ones).Now if you don't mind, I'm going up for some winter hibernating :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Few Discoveries...

* I am a terrible shoveler. This is sad because I really enjoy it- it's usually quiet out there and I'm outside getting fresh air and exercise.

*There's nothing worse than the feeling of getting sweaty with all your snow stuff on. Dirty.

*If I tell Taj he's Iron Man and Eden is Pepper Pots he is the sweetest guy to her and all of a sudden loves to play with her and help her do things.

*Taj discovered the light in his bedroom closet...

*Micah and I have discovered Taj sitting in his closet with the light on after he was supposedly fast asleep. Stinker.

*I could seriously feed my children cereal, hot dogs, and taquito's every meal for the rest of their lives....

* I really need to come up with healthier food options for the kiddo's.

*Eden's belly button. She's LOVES belly buttons and is constantly feeling her own and looking for mine.

Things I wish I could discover:

*A way to get Eden to drink milk.

* Warm winter clothes (especially shoes) that don't make me feel like Napolean Dynomite wearing moon boots.

*How to get Taj to stay in his bed through the night without having to take him back to his room. Ugh. Thank heavens for a helpful husband and for Taj usually going to his side of the bed first:)

* A motivation (that works) to get me to exercise in the winter.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Puppy Love

I'm officially done breastfeeding. It was a sad couple of days for Eden, which made it a sad couple of days for me. I don't consider myself especailly sentimental, but this experience (weening while NOT expecting another) has made me a little sappy and sentimental. I'm suprisingly emotional over something I was really looking forward to.
I've played with the idea of getting a puppy before, but now that my babies aren't babies anymore I have been really really REALLy wanting a puppy. I think it's just the emotions. I've found myself watching the pet adoption commercials on Demand (our cable offers them), and going ga-ga for some of the pups at I'm sure I'll get over this soon enough, but in the meantime-HELP! (as if it were that serious) But seriously, as a person that has never had a dog before, can you help talk some sense into me? Take the sweet, cudley, puppy perfect picture out of my head. Give it to me straight- would a puppy be a huge mistake?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

the Holidays

Christmas was great. A lot of family time, great food, presents, happy kids- who'd complain about that? We've had tons of snow lately so we spent some time shoveling instead of going to Aunt Roses for Christmas dinner. We loved every overstimulated minute. I think I overdid the holiday excitement in the beginning because by the end of Christmas I was feeling a little grinchy... like we spent way too much money and did too much. I think I just needed sleep. As the kids get older and can understand the true meaning of Christmas we'll try to focus more on that. For now acting out the nativity, giving presents, and spending time with the family is wonderful. And Happy New Year!!

And to all those that thoughtfully gave stuff to Taj, he says, "We got a lot of crap!" It was said in the sweetest voice ever- we're not quite sure he gets what "crap" means. We had a good laugh and are working on helping our kids show more gratitude :)