Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Legos For A Good Cause

Last Summer Taj was happily employed building and collecting all things Lego. The goal was to create a dream Lego Christmas.... for someone else. We tried to help Taj understand that it was for a good cause. It was being donated to The Festival of Trees which then auctions it off for the Primary Children's Hospital. This made Taj excited and proud. He did mention that he wished he got to keep the Lego's a couple times, which means this really was a dream "tree".

We aren't in Utah for the final product, but Nana was kind enough to send us some of these pictures. Tonight was the auction and Larry H. Miller's widowed wife won it for $5025.00! Way to go Taj!

*a little tidbit for memories: Micah stayed up several nights working on a backdrop for the Lego Christmas scene. It was 3 huge panels with 3 D art of Lego guys sledding and playing in a snowy Lego village. The night before we left Utah Micah sliced his finger open while working on it and ended up in ER with I think 13 stitches. And they weren't even allowed to use the backdrop after all. That's something Mrs. Miller will never know.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


This year Thanksgiving was at our house, but that doesn't mean I did it all. I was very thankful for the help of my amazing talented sisters in law, Mariko and Alissa. I made some good stuff and they made some great stuff. Of coarse I was too busy eating to remember to take pictures, but here are a few of the guests of honor...
This is the Banana Cream Pie with chocolate crust made from scratch. My favorite of the night.

Raw chocolate truffle pie with strawberries (there must be chocolate, even at thanksgiving)

Korean Pear Pie made by Mariko with korean pears from her yard in Oregon. Look out Apple pie!
Taj's school did a "Turkey Trot" race. Can you spot him? He seemed to really like it. It was pretty entertaining. Those kids were pretty serious.

I am so thankful for my little turkeys, and their big Daddy turkey. I am so blessed. We had a great time on Thanksgiving eating way too much and talking and letting the kids be wild. Now I am thankful it's over and for leftovers.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Eden has been in a gymnastics for the last year and LOVES it. She counts down the days of the week to Thursday, or Gymnastics Day! Her class was invited to perform at a basketball tournament at BYUH.
We had a fun time watching the game. I had a totally sweet nostalgic feeling in that gym. I grew up watching games with my Dad, and even graced the courts during halftime with the Laie Bay Dancers. Woot Woot - Flashdance anyone?
The team scored 100 points, and that means Ice Cream! We opted for some "Ono Yo" and are happy with our decision.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Year the Kids Were 20 Different Things

With neighbors after the first trick or treat of the night. Eden decided to be a princess out of nowhere.
I think this year we tried to see if there is such thing as too much Halloween. After 3 party's, Turtle Bay's "Halloween Bash", 9 costumes, the Kahuku Elem. Halloween Parade, trick or treating, Peanuts Halloween Movie, Taj's first haunted house, and Olivia's new found obsession with candy, Halloween is DONE! And can I say Thank Goodness!

With cousins after trick or treating. We watched "9" and ate way too much candy. Olivia is savoring her very own lollipop.

I think Halloween and dressing up totally confused Olivia. I'm realizing this is her expression in pretty much all the pictures while she's in costume.

This was the first party we went to, and it totally got the kids pumped. We had Mummy hot dogs, Mummy Pizza, Frog Eye juice (POG, with real lilikoi seeds that grossed the kids out), spider dip, Bread bones with "blood" dip, sugar cookies to decorate, ghost lollipops to make, and a pinata. Awesome. You're amazing Kirsten, and if you don't start blogging I'm going to start a blog about you! Taj in his Mummy  costume and Eden in her "merlia" mermaid costume.
Cotton Candy at the Turtle Bay "Halloween Bash". The kids did the jump house, got their faces painted, got free pumpkins, and Taj went through his first haunted house. Micah took him because I'm a hater. I hate haunted houses and pretty much everything creepy. Seriously, try and explain a dead bride and scary looking clowns to a 6 year old. Micah held Taj and said he was shaking he was so scared. Luckily a girl from school he knew was dressed up and part of it. That helped remind him it's all pretend. Taj in his Ninja costume and Eden as a Cat.

Taj's school does a Halloween Parade that was super fun. In Taj's experience a parade means dancing and entertaining. I didn't really think about that until we noticed that every time he saw someone he knew he started what looked like a ninja demonstration. Our camera was being lame and wouldn't focus while he performed for us, but he's in costume right in front of the lovely Stephani Robertson.

Darling Princess Layla and "Merlia" the mermaid a.k.a Eden at a party.

Eden and Olivia were originally going to be mermaids together, but Eden decided to be a cat, then a princess. Olivia tolerated her costume. Note: her dress up expression. She never complained, but I hope she's more into next year.

Boys being boys. Cute, I mean Scary.

No, this is not last year. This is the party where the kids wanted to wear last years costumes. I'm trying to get festive. I'm kind of a party pooper when it comes to dressing up. Maybe next year.
Cute Kitty. Olivia got on all fours like Eden. This was the party we went to that Taj says doesn't count because there wasn't very much candy. I didn't teach him that. Mine and Jared, you guys are awesome! The goat woman story is a classic, as is the doughnut and cookie game. Thanks.

Taj as a Mummy, the first time. He loved being in character. He kept coming up with games like, "pretend the car is my sarcophagus, and when the engine turns off I come to life". Very clever play on words my boy.