Monday, May 10, 2010

Ch ch ch ch changes

Haircuts, riding bikes without training wheels, swimming without floaties, reading books to me without memorization, Utah, cold weather, Micah working past lunch time, date night, roomy car, privacy, a lot of cleaning and organization. Just to name a few changes.

My life is not short on changes. Whose is? Not all change is bad, thank goodness. I tell myself that as I wake to frost on the lawn and find myself missing our Saturday beach days. The kids have loved rediscovering their toys, preschool, dance class, Nana's house, friends on the street, the trampoline and everything else under what should be the sun. We've loved being with Nana and Pop pop and some dear friends that live here. Turns out life goes on. We look forward to many more changes coming up soon and are trying to remember to enjoy all the little things we have right now.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Hear Ya

I know. You're all dying for more Smith in your life. Our computer pooped out on us so you'll just have to wait. So sorry. It's hard on all of us.