Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Livi Love turns 2!!!

 Our baby is 2 now. Sigh. It is going by sooooooo quickly. Here are the det.'s of her Second Birthday Celebration:
 We celebrated it on July 21, instead of the 23rd because we were flying home to Hawaii on the 22nd...we don't have to pay for a 1 year old to fly :) We gave her an entire day of birthday. It started with balloons and sprinkles. I think I know my daughter and what makes her smile.

 We threw a fun party for the little lady. It was going to be a "candy land" cake and party, but thanks to the leftover cake from Jen's b-day, we made a few quick changes and ended up with a rad "Yo Gabba Gabba" Birthday. Micah is awesome for things like this:
 and this:
 not this, because I made these:
 but he did make this:
 Livi got into the spirit of things and showed me her funny face:

Above is a picture of someone elses party. We copied the ballon idea, only our balloons were way better. Micah did them so you can believe me. Unfortunately it was really windy at the party and the balloons blew away before we even got a picture. Livi enjoyed watching the balloons fly away. She is such a sweetheart and has a way of putting things in perspective for us.
 Here she is practicing using Gramma Lala's high heeled slippah. Oh, this girl has my heart! We love you Livi! Happy Birthday!

Party For My Sis

It was fun, silly, crafty, and totally perfect for my favorite big sister, Jen. I love you Sis. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Monday, August 20, 2012


I always look forward to goin up the Canyon near us while we are in Utah. I crave nature when I'm away from home. The trees, streams and dirt do the trick.

Pop Pop and Taj coming back from a nature walk. This was after Taj got his first lesson on using a hatchet.

Livi in jeans and Converse. Melt me.

They love each other, but I can't blame Livi for questioning Eden's intentions.

The best way to cook a hot dog. Maybe this is where I'll mention that the canyon went up in smoke a couple days after this. I haven't seen it since they got the fire out.

She Did It!

She said that if we painted Taj's old bike she practice every day and would try riding without training wheels. We took the trainers off and on the Fourth of July, Eden was declared her independence from training wheels. She caught on really fast. We are so proud.