Sunday, June 29, 2008

Before I Forget....

Taj is a character. Here are some examples:

"I can't whistle, but my nose can."

Me: let's go get some breakfast. What sounds good?
Taj: Mom, you're always hungry?

On a bike ride to Nana's house he's about to give up and I'm trying my best to cheer him on. Finally he starts peddling and says, "o.k. Lead me. Guide me."

Me: Taj, how do you spell your name?
Taj: With a T. A. and a J.
Me: How do you spell Mom? Then I sound out MMMMMM AAAWWE MMMMMM. What about Mom?
Taj: MMMMMom is crazy.

At the fam. reunion we watched a sweet movie showing pictures of Jesus through his life. When it's done Taj says, "let's watch the Jesus movie again. It makes me feel happy."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mountain People

We had a great time in the nearby American Fork Canyon roasting hot dogs and making s'more's. Taj's favorite part was the fire and stealing more marshmallows than any child should ever have.(Can you find the picture of him with it stuck to his lips?) I love seeing my man in nature, making fire and teaching his boy to skip stones.

Little Eden is really starting to grow up. She has been letting me put her down and even hand her to Daddy and Grandma's without much of a fuss. I thought this would be the happiest event ever, but last night I had a horrible nightmare where someone kidnapped her. I woke up crying. I guess it's harder to let them grow up than I thought.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

to the not so cool pool

I grew up in Hawaii. Needless to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE warm weather and water. I'm aware that here in Utah I can only get both of those for a few months of the year, and have tried to come to terms with that. The last outing to the pool made it very difficult to do that. First complaint: I had to pay to go to the pool. It's really not that big a deal, but can add up when you like to go as often as we do. We stood in line for a little while. Taj saying over and over again, "Mom, I'm ready to go in now."

Finally got up to the counter to pay when complaint two and three arose: Because it is a pool there are lots of germs being released and shared. The state has a new rule that everyone under the age of three has to wear a swim diaper. Check. Already have them on. Oh, must also have on a plastic cover. Good grief. Fine. I'll take two. I wouldn't want any poo to slip out of another kid either. I pay the extra ten bucks for the plastic covers for the swim diapers, but wouldn't you know it, they can't get the case open with the stupid things in them. We wait. And wait. Taj still saying he's ready, and me trying to be patient and explain what we are waiting for. Not joking, thirty minutes later they get it open. Blurg.

We get the swim diaper covers on and explain to Taj how important it is not to poo in the pool and send him off running. Soooooo happy. A while later he needs to poo, so we head for the bathroom. What a great guy. Complaint Four: while Taj is being a great kid with the waiting, diapers, covers, bathroom break... another kid poos in the pool! I am so mad. We can't get in the pool for some chlorine cleansing thing that takes about twenty minutes. Poor sweet Taj.

I know I was spoiled growing up in Hawaii, but this was ridiculous. I'm doing all I can to try and like it here, but Utah is really making it hard.

I've been blessed with patient children who can really make the best, and forget all the junk so quickly. I have so much to learn. Maybe that's why I'm stuck here for now.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Latest and Greatest (on the potty)

Taj is a pro on the potty now! Almost as if by magic, the morning after I wrote the blog about "failing" at potty training he woke up and gave me a "dry and clean" day! He's been great ever since. Yippee!!! He even goes in public restrooms. I am so proud. I use pull ups at nap and bedtime, but even those are always dry.

As for the pooping, he's only really gone once and a half in the last week. That can't be good. I feel uncomfortable just thinking about it. I keep trying to let him know it's o.k. to poo on the potty and that everyone has to do it. He tells me he has to poo and we rush to the potty, then he says "false alarm". My theory is that it's a new sensation to go on the potty, and after holding it so we don't have any accidents (bless him) he can't get the urge to go back. Or something. I'm definitely not an expert, but I am a little worried. I've really appreciated the input so if you've got any more I'll take it.
Pictures: With him wearing underpants I found out he's a future plumber. He loved the ice cream facial he got for pooing on the toilet.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sticking With It

I have recently been reminded of one my bad qualities- how quickly I'm willing to throw in the towel. Taj and I started potty training on Saturday morning. We did the whole party thing and teaching the doll (read it in Potty Wise and thought I had it all figured out). Anyway, after two long and draining days I'm confused and frustrated, and sad for my little guy. Don't get me wrong, he's gone on the potty about ten times now, but not without at least spotting his underwear a little first (or worse) 8 out of ten times. Any pointers or words of comfort out there? I need it so I can continue being positive for Taj. He's taking it pretty well emotionally, and Eden has been a peach. I really am blessed, but must know when it will click and I can leave the house again?

Don't have a green thumb.... more like a wilty thumb. I'll keep trying.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bridal Vail Falls

We're really trying to take advantage of the nice weather. We took bikes with us to Bridal Vail Falls. Taj loved the ride.... the really long version of it. There were lots of breathers and push starts. It was great.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Two things I'd like to see everyday:

Amazing Rainbows
7 lbs of Chocolate Cake in my fridge.