Monday, October 11, 2010


There are a lot of Smiths now, huh. Kind of surprises me to see us all shoved in one picture together. When people ask how it is having three kids my first thought is LOUD. Taj and Eden haven't stopped talking for months now. Throw some crying in there and hand me the ear plugs please. Love this picture though. First one all together since the hospital. It was Olivia's blessing, and time for a feeding.
This dress is amazing. Hand sewn about 35 years ago. This was the 3rd blessing in it (Auntie Alissa, Eden, and now Olivia).
This is one of the few pictures of us together. I will cherish it.
Eden turned 3 on October 4th. We had a special family birthday for her. I LOVE having an excuse to spoil my kids. There are few things more satisfying in this life. She is at a tricky stage-time outs and attitude a plenty. She comes up with "leave me alone Mom", and "I have to go potty. My heart told me." All part of the roller coaster of emotions. She's such a blessing. We knew both our girls needed to come to our family well before we had them and I'm reminded of how blessed we are daily.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Party Time

Taj and Eden's birthdays are a couple weeks apart, so being a little selfish and realistic we decided to do a combined store bought birthday party themed party. Two cakes, a bounce house, double the presents and it was still cheaper than last year's. Go figure. Pixie Stix were a hit.
As was the Jumping Castle.

We have a five year old? We have a three year old? Wow, time is flying by.