Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Half Full or Half Empty?

We are supposed to leave this place next Monday for three months.
I knew it was coming.
I think it's a good thing.
It's going to be very very dificult to get on the plane.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello Blog

I haven't been able to post anything on my blog for a couple weeks. Here's another test.
Friday I wanted to surf so we all went to Malaekahana. I went to Goats and they played. I love love love seeing the kids and playing with them after a fun session. I'm the luckiest mom in the world.

Little Feet

These little feet want to walk! Micah claims she took her first steps on her own yesterday at the park (i was surfing). AHHHH! Tooo soooon! She's not there yet, but wants to be. I'm bent over helping her walk like in the picture all day. It's her favorite, and I'm happy to help her because I'm still wanting to be as close to her as posible.
Other Olivia-isms are that she sleeps on her stomach. She loves to. This is the girl that up until a few days ago got red faced mad if I put her on her belly. Now I find her on her belly every nap and she's rolling onto her tummy with every diaper change. Every night at bedtime she squeals when I take her into the kids room for family prayer. She love love loves that time with the kids. Oh, then I'll get her all calmed down. She'll be wrapped up and have her thumb in her mouth ready to crash and when Micah gives her a kiss goodnight she grins from ear to ear and cracks up. She loves grown up food. If I'm eating while holding her she will do everything she can to get that food in her mouth. She puts a lot of things that aren't food in her mouth too. She's adorable. I couldn't be more in love.
*Pictures thanks to Ashley Moffat. We had a glorious time watching the sun go down with the Moffats last Saturday. I never seem to take my camera anymore- my hands are just too full these days.

Laziest Weekend Ever

Last weekend we had no plans. I take that back. Friday night Micah and I went on a date. We went surfing and then grabbed some Ted's and ate in the car while listening/laughing to "Sklarbro Country". (a podcast definitely worth taking for a spin). Perfect date for me. After that, we didn't have anything on the books. This is unusual for us. We left the house twice all weekend. For church and a dinner picnic with the Moffats.

Olivia is a water baby. And thinks she can walk. Micah claims she walked tonight by herself at the park. Taj and Eden say so too, but I refuse to let her grow up yet. It's all too soon.
Thanks for the pics Ashley- my hands are too full for the camera these days.

Friday, April 8, 2011

When (If) we get a dog

I've never had a dog so I don't really know all that goes into having one. I still really like most of the dogs I meet and like the idea of having one. Someday. When the kids are older. And can help.

The kids (Olivia too) love love LOVE dogs, and any other animal. They have tried several times to feed dogs and persuade dogs to stay and be our pets. We have become good friends with Jean and her dog Star. More than friends. Eden talked me into getting Star doggy treats and we keep them in Jeans cupboard. We take books and practice reading with Star. Olivia got her first doggy kisses from Star. Eden often pretends to be Star. We love Star.

Star is a certified service dog. She was certified at a place on the North Shore called, "Hawaii Fido." Love it! She helps Jean get her phone, tells her if there's someone at the door, and even has had to help her walk. Star can go anywhere- buses, airplanes, stores. Star is trained to be read to and go in hospitals. I think that when (if) we get a dog it's going to have to be a service dog. For now, Star is more than enough dog for us.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goals and Patience

When it comes to making and following through with goals, I really hope the kids take after Micah. When he says he's going to do something, he'll do it. And that's that. I, on the other hand, have been known to say many things I have no intention of following through with, or worse, just plain give up on. I'm getting a little better (thanks to the example of an amazing Micah).

Taj is proving to be a little more like Micah. He decided he needed to have a new Bakugan. To get the needed Bakugan he was going to have to earn and save some money. After a lot of car washes, laundry, dishes, taking out the trash, and other helpful acts he finally earned the money! When we saw that he had saved enough money he thought we would drop everything and drive the 2 hours round trip to get his Bakugan. That wasn't going to work. He took a deep breath and we made a plan. Micah could take him the next day after work. Taj is an analytical type. He knew it was the best we could do and was very excited. The morning of the drive into town I found the boys slippers layed out and ready for them when it was time to go get the Bakugan. After they got back Taj told me that the best part was that he got to do something alone with Daddy. I'm so proud.