Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photo's From Lately

 These are pictures of Taj after surfing with Dad. We encourage the kids to go out often, but it usually only works with a little incentive, like junk food. My kids are such junkies. I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. They always end up having a really good time, but for some reason it takes a minute to talk them into it. They smile so big that I can see it from shore.
 Eden in her favorite swimsuit. She loves that it shows her tummy. She has a cute one, but I still think it's funny to love showing her tummy.
 Not a bad self photo. I love any picture of me with the kids... even if nobody will ever see them because of how I look. Livi is changing so much all the time. I feel the need to constantly capture these fleeting moments.

 Taj loves anything volcano. We got this kit for him on Kauai. He couldn't barely wait to build it. He would have slept with the kit if we would have let him. I love seeing my kids excited and interested.
They learned how to Hula Hoop from the best. Our 6 year old neighbor can take off and put back on his shirt while hula hooping. Way harder than I remembered. The kids worked hard and figured it out. I was cracking up at the tips they were giving each other, "you stick your butt out and in like this."

Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Fun Run, and Not the Last

Rain tried to stop us. So did the early wake up call on a Saturday, but we did the Kahuku Elementary Fun Run. It was Taj's first fun run and he loved everything about it. He hopped right out of bed and once we got there he didn't stop moving. He and Amaya were racing around doing warm ups and jumping over horse poop. On the trail I had to keep him focused, especially when there were horses hanging out on our trail. At the end we ran through a ribboned finish line where some nice people cheered and made him feel super good. We left with a gift bag, water bottles, t shirts, and food. Eden wants in on it next year. Taj says he wants to do this every Saturday. I'm always so grateful to find good things the kids can be a part of. This community has blessed us so much. We love our school.

Monday, March 5, 2012

That Time of Year Again

It's basketball season! Things have changed since last season. The biggest change is that he likes going! Micah is Coach of the team, the Sharks, and they are an awesome group of kids. Seriously. They play hard, they are funny, they listen. Well, usually. They are only 6 years old.