Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He's Six!!!!

 Taj turned 6 last Thursday! It has sent me into a sentimental spiral. I can't resist an opportunity to share one of the babies "in tummy" stories, or retell something silly they did as a newborn.
Taj requested breakfast in bed. I had to laugh because I have no idea what made him think of requesting that. He knew what he wanted though, and Eden knew she wanted in on it too. She crawled in next to him and waited for her own bowl. I have to point out Eden's amazing morning hair. Wow. Also, the matching pj's. Do they have to keep getting older?
 A little about Taj lately: He's in a boys Gymnastics class that he loves. It works him out hard... like I've never seen him with a red face like this before.
He's obsessed (I use this word in the best way possible )with Lego's and star wars.
He's best friends with Kihei Akina. They talk Lego talk for hours (if we let them) and are found with ninja masks made out of t-shirts almost daily.
He loves his sisters. He gives Eden big hugs and is one of the only one that Livi initiates kisses with. He has a great laugh, and a great heart.
He's reading everyday for school, and loves "Captain Underpants". He's not too old to cuddle Mom and Dad yet... thank goodness.
He loves being home. I was thinking it had something to do with being tired from school, but really he just loves being home. He told us this several times last weekend. Oh, how things will change in the coming years. I need to enjoy having him around while it lasts.

 My camera's become a moody camera. For no explicable reason it will refuse to focus or take pictures. And then a little while later it will be fine. Maybe I need to take it off the auto setting or something. Anyway, my camera didn't capture the cupcakes I took to Taj's class. It didn't capture the pizza we made for Taj's birthday dinner. Taj had thought about it, and having pizza every Friday night wasn't enough. This is the only picture of the ice cream sandwich cake (another Taj request), and we missed when Uncle Jake held Taj upside down to blow out his candles. It was a really fun family birthday party.... can't wait for the friends party!!!
I have to throw in here how fun Eden was in helping get everything ready for Taj's birthday. She never had a selfish moment, but instead loved picking out presents for him and making the cupcakes and getting the house ready for the party. She is such a sweetheart.
I know I've been extra tender hearted lately, but I just hope I tell them how amazing they are enough. I hope I am spending more time of the day laughing and complimenting them than being annoyed and yelling. I've been given such precious gifts. What a great 6 years.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Small Things

I don't know what makes a moment stand out more than another. It's often something we see ten times a day. Whatever it is, I'm grateful for those small moments that make you stop and remember how blessed we are and how amazing the little people we get to share our lives with are.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waimea Bay

Just a few pictures....

It was another perfect day in paradise. On days like today you have to get in the water. I told Eden it felt like a snorkeling day. She said she thought it felt like a goggling day. Whatever it was, it was fun. I was super impressed with the kids (Micah included) climbing and jumping all over the rock. We saw a huge sea turtle eating. It was right under us, only a few feet away when we realized it wasn't just a rock. Upon seeing it Eden yelled, "I love this!" and almost flipped herself out of the floaty looking for more. When Taj realized it was a huge turtle he yelled excitedly that we had to swim away and get to shore. He really got out of there. With a smile on his face, of coarse. Livi went from sand monster at the beach to snugly baby at the beach. She's all smiles both ways. I can't believe this is our life.