Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chief Frosty

It snowed last weekend. It's snowed a couple times before, but this time was a little rough because we know it's not going anywhere. This is it for the next four months. We tried to make the best of it by playing in it. Taj got his snow boots out as soon as he saw the snow. There's nothing like a little kids excitement to bring you out of self pitty. We made a snowman and named him Chief Frosty (as seen in picture with neighbor kids).

While stuck indoors we gave Eden her first family bath. She loves the water and as wild as Taj got, she was relaxed as could be. Thank goodness our kids love water, even if it's in a bathtub in Utah. Isn't she beautiful?

the nice dragon

Halloween is back! Micah and I have come to terms with the fact that it's not really accepted for us to do the whole dress up and get candy from the neighbors thing anymore. When we had Taj we realized how fun the holidays would be again. This is the first year where he's been into it. He picked out the dragon costume about a month early (which is a little late if you live in utah... they put out halloween stuff in august). He later told us that he was a nice dragon, not a scary one. We did a practice run of the whole trick or treat process a few days early to help ease him into it and get him excited and it worked. On the actuall night we made root beer and he/we scored tons of candy. Eden was sleping beauty since she took the worlds longest nap and slept through the whole thing. We carved pumpkins and have decided that it might be micah's calling in life. After halloween the goats got to eat them.(we have about ten goats living on the property next to our house and we feed them everything, even last years christmas tree).