Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keeping Busy

Keeping my kids busy is a huge part of my job as Mom. In Utah between the months of December and May it becomes more than a job. It's a skill. I don't naturally have this skill. When it's cold and the weather is unpleasant I naturally want to stay bundled in bed until ten, then stay in my jammies all day. With kids, this is not an option. We're up by 7:30 like clockwork- rain or shine. To keep from being tempted to stay in my jammies or go back to bed I've got the kids into a few fun things. Taj is highlighted in these pictures from "Itty-bitty All Sports". No ball in sight, but he's still doing a great job.
Good defense!
Scoot your heart out Taj! Anyone know what sport this is supposed to be? It was fun.

He told his Dad all about the ball that got past him in the goal. He loves being a goaly.

He had a great time in this class. While I learned that he might not be cut out for volleyball or badminton, he had fun getting out and running around.

Right next door to the Itty Bitty gym is the gymnastics class and Eden HAD TO TRY IT. She loved it, and so did Taj. He's sneaky and kept saying he was just helping her, then he would "show Eden" how to do the flips and back bends and bars. They both did great. I think dance is still her favorite, but she looked forward to her gymnastics class and can now do a summer salt!

I should be keeping busier, especially with the list I have while getting ready for Hawaii. Procrastinating is so much easier. I figure that if I don't do the sewing, online recipe book, cleaning, primary stuff, and just remember to pack a swimsuit for each of us and a few clothing items we're good. Hmmm. Wish us luck :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At Last!

My dear Micah enjoys looking at art of the ocean. He gets Surfer Magazine every month. He suggests watching a variety of surf movies.

I just smile and turn the other way. It's torture. Out of sight out of mind. But today it all changes. We'll be in Hawaii in less than two weeks so the countdown officially begins!
I finally get to indulge. I've been falling asleep at night thinking of our fun walks outside, playing in the tide pools, the kids climbing trees, toes, going outside without jackets! It all sounds heavenly.

So we'll be there for three months, which is a dream come true. We have some toys and a couple small surfboards that we stored in a small closet waiting for us. We're looking for inexpensive bikes, toys, books, and maybe a longboard, so if you hear about anything let us know. With or without that stuff it'll be a great three months. Yahoo!

Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year Has Begun

The only new year tradition we've been able to stick to is the annual feeding the goats our Christmas tree.
They loved it! Here's to the best neighbors we could ever ask for!

If the rest of the year goes anything like today I'll be spending a lot of time at home with my sweet family, not exercising, eating way too much, cleaning (or watching my husband clean), wearing my p.j.'s for an embarrassing amount of time, and looking forward to sleep. Lots of sleep. Sounds like it'll be great! Happy 2010 everybody!