Sunday, June 26, 2011


 Utah is crazy with rodeos, fireworks, and parades. Every week a different city is having their celebration: same recipe, different location. We had a great time at our city's parade. I didn't really care for them as a kid, but I'm thinking it was because Hawaii didn't have this much sparkle (rust doesn't count) and music, and check out the kids doing crazy gymnastics on a moving float. Fun.
We just got back from a mini vacation. Micah went to St. George for the Utah games and we went to the big Salt Lake City with Taffy/Nana. Whatever you call her, she's amazing. This is a pic of the kids looking out from the Church Office Building, where Taffy volunteers on Weds and Thursdays. What an amazing view.

This was an amazing way to see SLC. It really is a beautiful city with such interesting history. Eden loved seeing all the brides and had me call her "Bride" and ask why she was wearing white.

Every time I see the Temple in Salt Lake I wonder how in the world people were able to make such a huge, incredible and breath taking building way back when. Seriously.

We explored the Church History Museum. This dress was incredible. Hand stitched in the 1800's. It was a wedding dress.

What a city- right in the middle of the huge buildings is a well preserved cottage from  the first settlers. See it?

The Museum has an awesome hands on expo for kids. Eden is dancing with a tv that reflects off a mirror so it looks like she's dancing with them. She was in heaven.

Taj was getting down to business too. He loved the games on the computer, and was concentrating really hard on it. I think the stance says it all.
We stayed at a hotel that night. No pictures. We were too busy in the pool and eating and sleeping all snuggled up together. I'm not a person that likes touching when I'm sleeping. Eden loves to cuddle. Like be all over me and breath on me. It was cute for a little while. Olivia had no problem in her crib, but popped right up in the morning when she heard us all crazy hair and squeaky. Adorable.
The next morning we went out for a ride on Trax. It's the free transit system in the city and the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We found ourselves at Gateway Mall and surprise, we all got soaked. What are you gonna do? It's vacation. So fun.

After checkout we headed home, but not without one more stop at Boondocks.

We didn't want to leave but it felt nice to be home. The kids are great little travelers and explorers and adventurers. Can't wait to see Micah when he gets home tomorrow. This was way better than just hanging out at home. A little weekend trip to remember.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

10 Months and 25 Days Old

My baby is beyond baby steps. She is full on cruising. She walks around the house like it's her job. She walks herself down the hall to find the action, with me close behind adoring her every movement (and keeping her out of trouble). This little one is found climbing stairs, picking up food and any other little tiny bit off the ground and putting them in her mouth. Everything goes in her mouth. Everything. She will raise her arms in the air for apparently no reason while walking around. This little girl will start off in one direction, then turn around with a smile and come back to lean in and get a hug. This happens a lot. Love surrounds her. She has developed a crush on her Daddy. This little one loves her brother and sister. They are the best gift for her, and her for them. There is endless giggling and love when they're around each other. Taj and Eden jump up to follow me in to get her from naps. They must kiss her before naps and bedtime. They feel the need to share everything with her- food, toys, blankets. She loves her blankets. She babbles "ma ma ma" and does what I would describe as a soft and sweet growl. She whispers. She squeaks. She tries to imitate animals and squeals when she sees them. She is precious and growing way to quickly.
Olivia is very social. She likes to watch and meet people. We went to the pond by our house with some of our favorite Utahans- yes Pattersons, you are Utahans.
She had to hang out with Clive, and I can't blame her. He's adorable, and very entertaining.
The big boys had big boy business of squirting and digging and trying to get away with getting everyone wet. Taj has grown up tons in the short time we've been here. He is the human sponge. He has been caught reading- really reading books to Eden because she asked him to. He showers himself, gets himself dressed, makes his bed, started trying new foods and admitting he likes them, loves to earn money for toys, rides big kid bikes, and has started trying out the basics of picking on his sister. They really are the best of friends, but you can almost see his wheels turning as he wonders what would happen if... It's a summer full of learning.

Eden is my little buddy. She is so beautiful. I sometimes can't believe she came from Micah and I. She's at the stage of 3 year old hood where I never know what I'm going to get. We get the sweetest of sweets, and wildest of wilds. One second she's wanting to wrestle and be a power ranger, and the next she's wanting to put on lip gloss and brush her hair. I guess this is how you find out who you are.  

Racheal is the funnest Mom I know. She is completely devoted, has an amazing sense of humor, and is someone that makes being in Utah bearable.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Frozen Toes

Or should I title this, "Fun Times"? It's finally warming up, it stays bright until 9 at night and we've been playing A LOT.
We're at Rock Canyon Park where some of the melted snow runoff makes a fun (and icey) stream around the park. The kids were going bananas over the raft, and rightfully so. It was a good time for all. We floated around the park then ran back to the beginning over and over.

"At the old ball game"

 The T in Tee Ball might stand for Taj. He loves it.His team picked the name "Lightning
Blue". We hear him saying innocently "I hit the ball really far guys." He's helping the other team out. He loved it when somebody actually caught his ball and chased him to first base. We got some pictures of him digging his nose while waiting his turn too-a classic.
On another note, Taj is going to start school soon. I need all you moms out there that have been through this. What do I need to do to prepare him? I want to know the truth. Shoelaces? Home lunch/school lunches? I'll work on the digging his nose in public thing. Seriously, I'm not worried about the learning aspect of it, but the social aspect. What do I need to be prepared for- good and bad?

...And the floods came up... Again

 During the time Micah and I spent in Utah we heard people say prayers of gratitude for the "moisture" we recieved everytime it snowed. It always stood out because I hate the word "moisture" and because I come from such a wet place. Maybe I take water for granted a little.
I guess this year was especially "moist" for Utah. It has been since we've been back, and Utah is trying to learn how to deal with it.
We live next to a large pond and have a little stream running behind us that feeds into it. These pictures are of us crossing a log by the stream. It seamed friendly enough until the stream got a log stuck in the pipe it runs into that leads it to the pond. The stream rose about 3 feet and began making an alternate route directly next to the house and only inches from Olivias bedroom window well. Steve discovered the new stream and got us all out there digging in the dirt to make a retaining wall for the water until the pipe got unclogged. It took a couple hours and some wading in icy water before the water was flowing as it should and the flood receded. It was way too close for comfort.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blessings and the Curse

Sometimes I get the very strong feeling that I'm not the only one totally in love with this little man-boy, Taj. I do everything I can to provide good, worthwhile experiences for him. I try to come up with quality ways to spend our days. Then there are the things that just seem to fall in our laps and are a perfect fit- even more amazing than I would have ever imagined.
 There's a fundraiser for the Primary Childrens Hospital called "The Festival of Trees." People donate decorated trees that are auctioned off for the charity. This year Nana teamed up with cousin/niece/friend Emily Robins to do a "lego" themed tree. Taj has been put to work with an absolute dream job. This is better than Christmas... almost. Lately doors have been opening for us. We feel blessed and loved beyond what we deserve.

 We flooded.
I'm pretty sure it's a theme of ours. A curse, even. Micah and I had our first flood right before moving into our first house 5 years ago. That was cleaned up and resolved and all but forgotten when this flood happened just after moving into the new house. Ugh. Luckily it was only one room and the carpet was salvageable. Micah and I are in no rush to buy or move again anytime soon :)