Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but i recently busted Olivia sucking on her fingers. The two middle on her left hand seem to be her favorites. I think it's stinking cute, but also have a feeling a little like panic. I know it'll be trouble down the road. I've been pushing the pacifier, but apparently the paci's got nothing on her fingers. This is just another of my frequent reminders that even though I've raised two babies (still in the process of...) I've never raised an Olivia.
She's a sweet baby. We smile and talk with each other more than my others did. She sleeps great, especially right now. She just got her 2 month shots, poor thing, and wants to sleep it off. We're getting a lot more face time with her these days and the kids are loving it. Eden gets a little cookoo when Livi's around. Super hyper and you can see in her eyes she wants to squeeze her. I just tell her that Olivia still hasn't burped yet. Eden is terified of getting spit up on her.
Let's just say I'm not going to leave Livi around Eden without supervision :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Our lives have been as crazy as this jumble of photo's.

*Taj turned 5!!! I'm in shock still.

We had a mellow family party- the big combined party is coming...

Taj chose to golf and play at Boondocks.

He smiled all day long, and is just starting to look up from all his new toys.

*Eden started Preschool! She was so proud that she could go by herself. I was too.

* We went boating on Jordanelle. Taj and Eden both surprised us by tubing. Eden also came on the surfboard with me.

Eden says I'm "regular" now so I can go in the water. I'm more excited about that than she is.

*Olivia is a peach. She is full of smiles and has been sleeping through the night for about a week now- GO BABYWISE!

*the zoo still rocks. Or so I'm told. Micah and the kids had a great time riding the train and visiting the new baby elephant.

*We bought our one way tickets to Hawaii~ October 21 can't come soon enough!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Gracias, Mahalo, and Thank you to my mothering brain trust. Your experiences comforted me a lot and after hearing what you had to say, I did some research on spit up. I've decided Olivia is getting too much too fast and not getting the burping attention she needs. It's pretty annoying, but doesn't seem to be bothering her and she's definitely got baby chubs so I'm not too worried about her weight gain. Thanks again everyone. You all help so much.

I'm in love with this van. We saw it on a colder day. Yup. Summer is officially over here already. It hurt a little to see it because it made me want to be that girl holding the surfboard again, but I can't complain since we'll be in HI next month. It made me re-realize how much I need to work on being happy in the moment instead of always looking forward to the next thing... Hawaii, the kids in preschool, Olivia eating solid food and sitting up instead of spitting up. Here's to living in the moment. Speaking of which, I better go get Taj and feed Olivia. Joy.