Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Bunnies

 We got bunnies. Three of them named Chester, Rex, and Rosetta (originally Eden). They are super fun. And stinky. The kids run out to make sure they have food and water everyday. Eden loves to hold Rosetta while the other two hop around and send Taj and I running after them.

This summer we also got Spike, a Horned Lizard. Some kids were going to have to set him free after their Dad brought him home from St. George. We agreed to take him because we were on our way to St. George a week later. We had to feed him live crickets. He was so gross and amazing all at the same time. The kids loved him, especially Taj who would hold him (I refused). We would find him burrowed under his sand, which surprised me.
When we got to St. George we kept him for a day, then found a great big dessert area for him. Taj got him out of the cage and we said our goodbyes. T set him down and he didn't move. We were starting to say how sweet that was and that he didn't want to leave us, then Spike pooped and ran off as fast as he could. Classic.
It's been a fun summer of animals.

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